Mountain climbing


The expedition to Kilimanjaro is the conquest of the highest peak of Africa included in the Crown of the Earth. It is also a volcanic massif with a huge crater at the top. The peak itself is the highest hill on the edge of Kibo called Uhuru Peak (5895 m a.s.l.). The road upwards leads through all zones of African vegetation: savanna, tropical forest, rock and grassy plateau, and ends with the eternal snow of Kilimanjaro glaciers.

The top is technically easy and available to anyone with the right condition. However, it is high, and during the day you can overcome significant gains, so you should remember about proper acclimatization. Most often we go to Kilimanjaro along the Machame trail – it’s one of the best roads in terms of adapting the body to height. There is also the option of reaching the summit along the shorter Marangu trail. On the way, we spend the night in tents.

The road does not require any technical equipment except for trekking shoes and poles. During the day we only carry a light personal backpack, the rest is carried by hired porters (included in the price). During the road, we are accompanied by a local guide. The staff prepares meals and sets up tents that await us after reaching the camps.

The trekking price includes:

  • tickets
  • accommodation
  • full board
  • visa
  • guide and porters
  • remuneration for the team
  • climbing equipment
  • transport

It is possible to organize a trip directly from Poland (or another country) along with rest on the beaches of Diani Beach. Inquiries about the offer of this type of trip should be made by email or phone.