One day trips


  1. One-day Mombasa Tour + Haller Park
  2. One-day safari in Shimba Hills
  3. Cruise to the Funzi Island
  4. A day on Wasini Island
  5. Malindi plus the Marafa Valley
  6. Gedi


Mombasa was founded in the 11th century by Arab traders and quickly became a major trading center in East Africa. Ivory and slaves were traded most often. The first European to reach Mombasa was Vasco da Gama in 1498. Two years later the city was captured by the Portuguese who founded the fortress Fort Jesus there.


The trip will start in the early morning and after arriving in Mombasa we will start sightseeing from Fort Jesus, we will take a walk around the old city, we will get to the old dhow port, we will see the famous elephant blows – the symbol of the city, we will get to the village of Akamba – where hand figurines and sculptures are made made of wood and stone, we will visit a market with spices, fruits, vegetables and have lunch.


Then we will go to Haller Park. Haller Park is located on the northern coast of Mombasa, which has over 300 species of plants, 30 species of mammals and 180 species of birds. The complex includes botanical and zoological garden.

The biggest attraction is the possibility of feeding giraffes and spectacular feeding of other animals such as hippos or crocodiles.


Return to the hotel in the evening.



One-day safari in Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills National Reserve is an area of over 300 square kilometers, covered with tropical forest and offering spectacular views. In good weather, you can see Diani Beach from here. Thanks to the altitude of 500 meters above sea level it is a bit cooler here than on the coast, although the humidity is still high, the sea breeze brings additional refreshment.


We will go on a full-day trip to the Shimba Hills Reserve, where live leopards, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, lions, monkeys and rare saber antelopes. This is one of the few places in the world where you can admire almost original landscapes. An additional attraction of the trip may be Sheldrick Waterfall located within the reserve. You can get to it on a walking tour of about two hours under the watchful eye of an armed guard.

Cruise to the Funzi Island

Funzi Island is a land of crocodiles and mangrove forests. As part of the cruise we visit a real Kenyan school, we will take a walk around the island, and for lunch we will eat sea specialties, i.e. crabs, fish and other seafood. There will also be time to relax on the intimate beach. During the river cruise you will be able to see crocodiles with a bit of luck. Diving masks and tubes will be available on the boat.



It is worth taking small coins with you to support the local school.

A day on Wasini Island

South of the Kenyan coast is the small island of Wasini, which is famous not only for its coral reef or the presence of curious dolphins, but also for the village of Shimoni.

The island is located about 75 km south of Mombasa, the cruise lasts about 1.5 hours, during which diving stops are organized. With a bit of luck, there is a chance to see and even swim with dolphins.


During the cruise you will have a delicious lunch on the island surrounded by beautiful views.


The island of Wasini is an exotic place, providing an unforgettable experience.



Malindi plus the Marafa Valley

About 125km from Mombasa is the town of Malindi. It is the main tourist center, especially popular among Italians. The plan of the trip is visiting the town, a walk through the narrow streets, where you can buy souvenirs, the Vasco da Gama obelisk, lunch in Malindi, and then drive to the Marafa Valley. It is a vast area with amazing rock formations made of sandstone, similar to a canyon.


In the rainy season, the entire gorge fills with water and its huge masses flow into the river, which then turns red-brown.

Legend has it that this is a severe divine punishment that God imposed on a rich Arab family living in these areas. They used milk to wash dishes and clothes while the local Giriama tribe was hungry. When God saw what was happening, he sank the city. There are three colors in the rocks: red, white and black. White means milk and rice, which Arabs use for cooking, red is the color of the earth and black as the color of Africa.


Return to Mombasa in the evening.

Day trip.




 Gedi – a mysterious city abandoned by its inhabitants for unknown reasons in the 17th century is called an extraordinary place worth visiting on a several-hour trip. Tourists can visit interesting ruins, especially enchanting with their aura in the evening. 

Although the Portuguese ruled the coast for several centuries, they probably never found a city hidden in the bush, which is not mentioned in any historical sources, and hence it is so controversial. 

A walk among the ruins, walls and arches dominated by huge baobabs hung, with ropes can turn out to be a thrilling adventure enriched with stories about the warlike Oromo tribe who inhabited Gedi centuries ago. 

The history of the place she illustrated by a small museum, while the walking trail leads among the ruins of a palace with a sunken courtyard, houses with surprising names (e.g. House of Scissors, House if Ivory Casket, House of Łódź), the Great Mosque, several gorbians and gates. Visiting the ruins should be extended with a visit to the Kipepeo Butterfly Farm, which is a butterfly farm that most often attracts collectors of beautiful creatures.